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Why a Public School Foundation?

Education foundations are privately run, not for profit organizations established to enhance public school experience. Working with private donors, local businesses, and corporations, a public school foundation can provide funding for equipment, programs, and projects that are not funded, or are underfunded, by the school district’s budget or membership organizations. And an education foundation can leverage resources such as grants and donations from both within and outside the district.

The Red Hook Education Foundation can:

•    Research and apply for corporate, private foundation, and   government grants
•    Implement capital improvement campaigns
•    Build endowments
•    Fund new programming
•    Have a diverse Board of Directors
•    Foster collaboration between school and community groups

How is a Foundation different than PTA, PTSA, Raiders Club etc.?

•    Foundations can invest and grow donations
•    Are not membership driven and do not have dues
•    Foundations take a long view of needs K-12
•    Can implement development campaigns
•    Can have paid employees, not just volunteers

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Our Community:

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