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Grant Application

The Red Hook Education Foundation Mini Grant Application:

Available for download here- rhefmingrant

Please send your completed application, as an attachment, by email

or by mail to –

The Red Hook Education Foundation

PO Box 2

Red Hook, NY 12571

Questions or problems with the form?

Email us 

RHEF Mini Grants


The Red Hook Education Foundation (RHEF) is a volunteer led, community-based, not-for-profit organization. Working with private donors, local businesses, foundations, and corporations, the education foundation can provide funding for equipment, programs, and projects that are not funded by the school district’s budget or membership organizations.


Requests can be submitted by Red Hook Central School District faculty, staff, administrators and students. District parents and community members are encouraged to share ideas for programs with eligible applicants.  All applications must be approved and signed by building principal.


Award Amounts

Applicants are eligible for grants up to $1,000 under this program. The total amount of resources available for mini-grants may vary from year to year depending upon RHEF funding.


Criteria for  grant applications

In evaluating each grant application, the Foundation will consider whether a program meets the following criteria:

  • Is innovative and creative
  • Enhances and enriches learning
  • Offers the participants a unique learning opportunity
  • Benefits the most students possible
  • Is not currently fundable by other sources
  • Has goals which are clearly defined and realistic
  • Has specific methods of implementation and evaluation
  • Shows potential beyond the grant period
  • Leverages the resources and capabilities of other community resources



Grants may be submitted at any time and are evaluated on a rolling basis.


Applications must be reviewed and signed by building Principal.



Upon Receipt of the Grant

Grantees will agree to use RHEF funds solely for the purpose requested and all materials purchased become the property of the Red Hook Central School District.

Grantee will provide a written summary, project evaluation and accounting (including receipts) of the use and effectiveness of the grant after the project has been completed within 45 days of completion of project.

Grantees may be asked to provide information and photos for RHEF marketing purposes. The RHEF will release the names of the grant recipients through the local media and Foundation publications.

Grant Application form – rhefmingrant