Our First National Grant! (It's for the School Garden) - Red Hook Education Foundation

Our First National Grant! (It’s for the School Garden)

On March 15, 2012, Red Hook Central Schools received word that they had been selected to receive a $500.00 grant to support the Garden at Mill Road; the first grant written by the Red Hook Education Foundation Team!   This particular grant was offered by Annie’s, Inc., as part of their “Grants for Gardens” initiative to fund small grants for community or school gardens that connect children directly to real food.  A small group of committed community members who happen to be skilled at grant-writing have been collaborating for just a few months, and have another grant currently under review as well.

This particular grant will facilitate the second phase of the garden; specifically the creation of cold frames to protect hardy greens and herbs into the late Fall, and then again in early Spring in order to extend the growing (and learning!) season of the garden.

As Tricia Paffendorf, horticulturist and coordinator of the Garden at Mill Road aptly put it, “Thanks so much … for all of your contributions in landing our very first grant.  You all took action after one meeting not too long ago, rocked on a couple grants, and now…Yippee!”